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How to Winterize Your Pool

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How to Winterize Your Pool

Everywhere in the United States, from Florida to Oregon, gets hot during the summer. It's nice to face a few months of warm weather after feet of snow during other seasons. Without fail, most of the United States -- everywhere outside of the Southwest and Florida -- gets outrageously cold in the wintertime. Pools must be winterized in totality in order to preserve them for following seasons.

The weather can root itself below 0 degrees for weeks at a time in Montana, Minnesota, and the Dakotas. Let's learn how to winterize your pool the right way to sustain longevity and stave off potential damage.

Correct the pH balance

If pools are too basic or acidic throughout the winter, they can be permanently stained. People winterizing their pools -- that's probably you, right? -- should test it with basic litmus paper or electronic testing kits. Make sure to be liberal in adding chlorine to prevent any organisms from thriving in pools throughout the winter. You should never throw powder or brick chlorine into pools, opting to mix them into an aqueous solution instead, or risk scarring the pool forever.

Take everything out of the pool

If you leave things outside in the cold, harsh winter, you probably won't be able to use them next pool season. Remove everything from your pool, filters and all, and place it somewhere outside of the bitter cold.

Clean up, then drain

If any debris or contaminants are in pools over winter months, they might become stuck forever to pool walls, or attract unwanted algae. The cleaning for winterization is more important than every other cleaning. Your pool won't lay dormant longer than it will after the day you cover it up.

Leave a few feet of water, as it's not good for the entire basin to dry out during harsh winter months. Drain any other filters or pool appliances and you can proceed with covering it.

Dangers of not winterizing

Failing to winterize your pool in time for colder months can crack water liners, pool walls, burn through mounds of electricity, and otherwise harm your precious pool. Algae can also grow rapidly, causing the pool to be drained and have loads of algae scooped out by hand.

If your pool's water freezes completely over winter, its value will immediately drop. Make sure to carry out these preventative measures before the harsh winter.