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How Your Kids Can Help With Remodeling

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How Your Kids Can Help With Remodeling

Remodeling projects can be difficult with children in the house. After all, it's easy to feel like a child can get in the way, and the child can easily begin to feel ignored while you are working. Fortunately, you can solve both problems by involving him or her in the process.

Let Them Help Plan

It's true that your kids probably won't be doing much of the heavy lifting, but there's no reason why they can't help you prepare for your remodeling activities. Allow your children some input on the process, even if it's as small as choosing the knobs on the cabinets. Give your children a budget and let them learn a bit about what goes into the financial side of remodeling - you'll not only teach them something about remodeling, but you'll also teach them some great lessons about math and personal finances.If your remodeling project concerns spaces in which the children spend their time, try to giving them more input. Let the children draw up a plan from which you can work. While you won't be able to adapt it directly, you will be able to help your child realize their vision in smaller ways.

Make Them Assistants

Unless you have older children, you probably can't give your children major assignments for your renovation. You can, however, assign them to help you with specific tasks. While you might think that some of these tasks are busy work, your children will get to feel like they are part of the process. Even if the primary responsibilities are things like cleaning paintbrushes and organizing hardware, you'll keep your children engaged throughout the process.If you do have older children, a remodel is a great time for you to allow them to really assist you with your work. Don't overwhelm him or her with tasks, but instead try to teach him or her one specific skill. Something simple like painting or basic hardware installation might seem small to you, but it's a huge leap forward in responsibility for a child.

The more you can involve your child in the process of remodeling, the more connected he or she will feel to the results. You might have to spend more time working to make sure they are included, but that's worth the end result. With a little extra care, your child can learn new skills and really begin to appreciate how much work it takes to finish a major household project.